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November Workday 2021-

It was a lovely cool autumnal day to work in the Glen today following the wind and rain of yesterday with plenty of leaves to be swept and cleared from the stairs and paths. Eleven of us were there for the gang photo shoot. However, a few others turned up a few minutes later to help. A really good turn out for the day. Without doubt the biggest part of the workload was to clear the leaves which have recently fallen, there are still more leaves to fall so that will keep us busy for some time.

Further work was carried out on the securing bolt to position the neanderthal man. The threads of the bolt have been cleaned up and grease applied to prevent rusting. We tried fitting what we believed was the correct size securing nut which proved to be too small so hopefully and very shortly we’ll have on the correct size.

Whilst all this work was going on the OMRT (Ochils Mountain Rescue Team) were carrying out an exercise in the Glen just above and to the left of the ponds. It was an exercise but some of the sounds coming from the “patients” sounded rather realistic.

The holes for two of the new carvings have been dug and should now be easy to finalise one the carvings are on site. The hole for the bear carving has been sited near to the top of the steps leading to the Cybergongs and the hole for the butterfly has been dug on the south side of the stone circle near the waterfall.

I placed new small hammers at the cybergongs last week for young children and still pleased to see that they are all still there. I’ve had some very nice feedback about them being operational again.

All in all great days work and the Glen looking smart and tidy, getting ready for winter.

Written by Bryan Denny- 07/11/21

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